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Application development to convert heterogeneous information into PQDIF (Power Quality Data Interchange Format
C. Popirlan, G. Stoian, L.G. Manescu, D. Rusinaru, M. Ciontu, C. Buzatu, M. Alba, A. Cojoaca
International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology (IJCSIT), vol.10, issue 8, 2018.
Estimation of the maximum permissible injections of the distributed generation in the LV networks based on power quality considerations
D. Rusinaru, L.G. Manescu, M. Ciontu, G. C. Buzatu. M. Alba, A. Cojoaca
American Institute of Physics – AIP, AIP Conference Proceedings, vol. 1982, issue 1, 2018
(prezentat la 7th International Conference on ENERGY SYSTEMS, ENVIRONMENT, ENTREPRENEURSHIP and INNOVATION ICESEEI ’18, Cambridge, UK, 2018)
Extended Capabilities of the Power Quality Management System of the Power Distribution Grid for Data Exchange
D. Rusinaru, C. Popirlan, G. Stoian, C. Buzatu, A. Negoita, L.G. Manescu, A. Cojoaca, M. Mircea
MATEC Web of Conferences, vol. 210, 2018
(prezentat la 22nd International Conference on Circuits, Systems, Communications and Computers CSCC 2018), Majorca, Spain, 2018

A Web-Based Solution for Power Quality Data Management
C.I. Popirlan, G. Stoian, L.G. Manescu, D. Rusinaru, M. Ciontu, G.C. Buzatu, M. Alba, A. Cojoaca, AIRCC Publishing Corporation , Conference Proceedings vol. 8, no. 09, 2018
(prezentat la 10th International Conference on Networks & Communications (NeCoM 2018), Copenhagen, Denmark, 2018)

Knowledge transfer and information exchange between INCESA – University of Craiova and industry through BRIDGE projects – Intelligent system for monitoring and management of power quality at the interface between power distribution grid and its users
D. Rusinaru, L.G. Manescu, M. Ciontu, M.I. Siminica, G. Stoian, C. Popirlan, G. C. Buzatu, I. R. Gherlan, M. Alba, A. Cojoaca
poster prezentat în cadrul 14th WEC CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE REGIONAL ENERGY FORUM – FOREN 2018, Costinesti, Romania, 2018.

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